Someone wrote in [community profile] oldspice_kinkmeme 2010-08-04 02:48 am (UTC)

ImageHello, ladies.

Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to your man. Now back to me. I may not be a man, but I know what it's like to smell like a man, and I know what I like to smell on a man. I'll give you a hint: it's not those lady-scented body washes. No, those lady-scented body washes are for us -- at least, those of us who don't spend our days chasing down sharktopuslions from Titan or wrestling giant squids with our bare hands.

When I want a man, I want a man who smells like Old Spice. Just like this bottle I have here in my hand! Now, look! The bottle is now tickets to that thing you like. Look again! The tickets are now diamonds. Diamonds to buy you all the lady-scented body wash you want, and all the Old Spice body wash you need for your man.

And, ladies, if you don't want a man, I like long walks on the beach and swan dives off of cliffs into miraculously appearing jacuzzis. Give me a call.

I'm on a horse.

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